Team members (old version)

Cristian Ruiz Calderon

Master student

Farouk Abdo

Master student

Maud Hofmann

PhD student

Prakriti Karki

Elouan Julien

Master student

Jean-Loup Faulon

Team leader

Research Director -- INRAE / Affiliate Prof. University of Manchester

Paul Ahavi

PhD Student

Ihab Boulas

Research associate

My work focuses on the design of hybrid AI and mechanistic models of bacterial physiology.

Alicia Da Silva


Thomas Duigou

Research Engineer

I'm a bioinformatician specializing in the design, implementation, and deployment of computational tools for engineering metabolic pathways in microorganisms.

Aisha Elsawah


I am a synthetic biology enthusiast with expertise in cell-free systems and am now deeply engaged in metabolic engineering.

Léon Faure

I'm a systems biology Ph.D. student working on the integration of Machine Learning in Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks. PhD student

Anne Giralt

Research associate

Guillaume Gricourt


Ioana Grigoras-Popescu

Associate professor

I’m an associate professor at University of Evry Paris-Saclay, teaching biochemistry and synthetic biology at bachelor and master levels, doing research in metabolic and biosensors engineering. I’m also the head of the Master 2 in System and Synthetic Biology ( and the principal PI of the iGEM Evry Paris-Saclay team since 2017 ( UMR 8030 Génomique Métabolique, LISSB, Genoscope, Institut François Jacob, CEA, CNRS, Univ Evry Paris-Saclay

An Hoang

Data Scientist

I’m an engineer specializing in data science and machine learning for agriculture and biology. I’m currently working on an active learning application for the BIOS project.

Joan Hérisson

Research Engineer

Research Engineer with 20 years of experience in bioinformatics and software developing, I used to co-led the first French academic lab fully dedicated to Synthetic Biology. I’m now part of a research group and the co-leader of the Galaxy-SynBioCAD ecosystem.

Laetitia Laversa

Research associate

Bastien Mollet

PhD student

Mostafa Mahdy


Alexandra Martin


I am a junior engineer currently working on the BioCellPhe project.

Philippe Meyer

Research associate

Abhinav Pujar

PhD student

Nolwenn Paris

Bioinformatics engineer

Mahnaz Sabeti Azad

Research Associate